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Westmount's Unique Southeast

Dear Mayor Smith

I recently read the AGIL report on Westmount’s Southeast .  This report, which recommends
 a major reconfiguration of Dorchester Boulevard, excludes the option to include a bicycle
path for the following two reasons:  Building such a path without the collaboration of the 
City of Montreal constructing a similar path on Rene Levesque or Atwater would be of 
little use. Also, with the inclusion of such a path, the street would be wider and limit the 
amount of developable land.  I wish to make a few points as to why a bicycle path should 
be included, which this report does not address.
Downtown Montreal currently has only one east-west bicycle path, the heavily used, old 
style bidirectional de Maisonneuve path.   Given the stated desire of Montreal to greatly 
increase the cycling modal share, additional east-west bicycle path capacity will have to 
be added to the downtown in the near future.  There are only three possible streets: 
Rene Levesque, Ste Catherine, or Sherbrooke…

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