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22 September 2021 Bernard's First Ride on the Sociable

 Our special guest, Bernard, drove from his house over to Westmount Park to meet with the Montreal Bicycle Club on a test ride of the Sociable. After a few introductions a discussion quickly ensured as to what was the best way for him to mount this new beast. Queen Victoria took charge, suggesting a way and soon he was safely installed... After a short test run up and down Melville, then along de Maisonneuve, we felt ready for trip up Cote St Antoine.   The MBC is always at the ready to point out places of historical interest.   The Hurtubise House was built in 1739 Satisfied with this historical talk, we continued on to Girouard, where with wind in his hair , Bernard's hat blew off. Louis suggested putting it on backwards, "like all the cool guys do". Back at Melville Ave, we all said adieu after Bernard gave us all a tour of how he has his car set up.

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