Letter to Ford Motor Company

Vice President, Communications, Ford Motor Company            28 Sept 2018

Dear Mr Truby

    I am a member of an active transportation group in Montreal that advocates for additional bicycle 
safety on streets.  Recently, I went to see a movie at a local cinema and watched a Ford advertisement 
that was shown before the feature film.   The advertisement showed children playing at home when a
 blue transparent ball appears. The children get on their bicycles and follow the ball down a street. 
 As they travel down the road, the street transforms itself in front of them from a car filled, dangerous 
place for bicycles, to a new pleasant green place with a bicycle path to travel on.  Ultimately the ball 
leads them to a new electric powered Ford car.

   Although the street transformation portion of the advertisement was only a few seconds in length 
 it was both memorable and dramatic. I thought it could be of use to our group while giving 
presentations about plans for similar transformations of Montreal streets.  Although I searched for the 
ad on the internet afterwards I had no success finding it.

  Would you be able to assist me in finding a copy of this advertisement?  Am I be permitted to show 
the Ad as part of a presentation regarding transforming city streets?

Malcolm McRae

P.S.  websites devoted to having a bicycle path on Sherbrooke streets can be viewed here

I also have a Blog Post of this letter here


A few days later I received a reply from Ford Motor Co

Hello Mr. McCrae,

Thank you for contacting the Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre, my name is Diana. We received your email on September 28 regarding your request.

Ford Motor Company trademarks and vehicle images are some of the Company's most valuable assets. To protect their value, Ford Motor Company is constantly engaged in policing the use of its trademarks, to ensure they are utilized by authorized persons and businesses in an acceptable manner.

To obtain permission to use Ford Motor Company trademarks in a book, magazine, promotion or advertisement, please choose your preferred contact method below.

Online: www.fordbrandlicensing.com

Ford Motor Company,
Global Brand Licensing Office,
16800 Executive Plaza Drive, Suite N203,
Dearborn, MI 48126

Thank you for contacting Ford of Canada.
Diana S.
Customer Relationship Centre
Ford of Canada


  1. Shortly after posting this Mile A Minute Murphy pointed out that the Ad can be viewed on YouTube here.



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