Claremont and de Masionneuve Intersection traffic lighrts

  For a long time cyclists have been complaining about the poor signage at the Claremont and de Masionneuve intersection.  Cyclists must cross on a walk signal NOT a green light as the the path crosses a line of traffic as it moves from the north side of de Maisionneuve to the south side.  Recently the response of the city to this problem had been to give a large number of fines to cyclists who cross on the green light.   During a ride up Boyer avenue I noticed a better way to indicate when cyclists should cross.

   I thought is might do some good to post photos of the two systems for comparison.

Claremont intersection with the use the walk signal NOT the green light sign.  Laughably unclear.

    The Boyer ave bicycle path has separate traffic lights for cars, bicycles and pedestrians on all the intersections that have traffic lights.   I am told that this is the standard practice in the Netherlands, a country that has an enviable bicycle infrastructure and safety record.

    Note that on Boyer, rather than cyclists and turning cars crossing together, the cars have a separate time interval and the vulnerable users (cyclists and pedestrians) cross together.  A practice that could also be employed at Westmount intersections such as Greene and Wood.  Having 3 separate light systems provides a clear indication of when to cross for all users and full flexibility as to how the lights at each bicycle path intersection are sequenced.


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