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Spring Ride in February!

 At the behest of Louis Rubenstein who was looking to get some exercise before hitting the Holguin beaches, a fixture was scheduled this day when the mercury shot up to 6C. Karl Krone joined Louis and G.T. Bishop at the Montreal West Second Cup to discuss possible routes, all things public transit and the Big Owe roof repair. G. T. won the day, suggesting a ride along the Bande Verte towards the Lachine Canal and Nun's Island. Louis led the way through his hood, stopping at the Mtl-West station to discuss with Karl its deficiencies and waste of monies. Louis then led the members towards the start of the Bande Verte by the U-Haul warehouse, using local knowledge to head the wrong way down one-way streets. It was a mystery when the members found themselves blocked from proceeding along the Bande Verte. No cyclists or pedestrians??? G. T. then took the reins and led the members over the 20 towards the Lachine Canal at which point, Karl decided to return homewards and G. T. and Louis h

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