2 June Real Tour de l'Île de Montréal

Present : Mile a Minute Murphy & A.T. Lane  Minutes by A.T. Lane
Length of ride: 152 km to circle island, 160 km total

 Minutes of Meeting

  The members set out early to meet at Atwater market by 7:00 am.  They had a coffee and discussed what a "real" Tour de l'Île de Montréal actually meant.  They decided that in order to qualify they must visit both the eastern (Pointe aux Trembles), western (Ste Anne de Bellevue) tips of the island, and follow the shorelines by visiting Cap St Jacques as well as the Lachine rapids.


 Along the way they stopped to photograph a visiting cruise ship in the Old Port,


found a stairway entrance to rue Notre Dame,

various exercise equipment for parks,

 a memorial to a notable sailor, 

returning about 12 hours later to Atwater Market.

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