Trip to Varennes - June 23, 2018

Trip to Varennes - June 23, 2018

We set out from the usual kickoff point, Shaika Cafe, five strong, for our conquest of the East (Montreal). We chose the canal route rather than the downtown bike path since it's more fluid and scenic and at 8 am pleasantly not busy. This route took us through the Old Port then past the CBC/Radio Canada complex then along the surprising forest-like bike path along Notre Dame Street.

After an emergency coffee stop for A.T.'s caffeine addiction, we arrived at the ferry launch for Boucherville Island, unfortunately sans quai. Apparently, because of the crane operators' strike our ferry to the park wasn't happening. A.T., now on a coffee high, offered five plan Bs in four directions. To his disappointment, we chose the most sensible one, the ferry to Varennes. En route G.T. Bishop noted the irony of 5 anglos cycling on Rue St Jean Baptiste on the Fete Nationale.

With the impressive Varennes church in sight as a landing point, we started our South Shore ride against a steady wind. This route took us through Boucherville village, Longueil and St Lambert to connect with the Victoria Bridge locks. This was a lovely, well maintained stretch, worth a pedal. Our wind up took us through Ile Drapeau where we raced imaginary F1 cars along the Circuit Villeneuve then home to my welcoming couch.

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