6 June Fixture Ride to de Maisonneuve Park

Present :  Annie Londonderry, Louis Rubenstein, Daisy Greville,  Dorthy Cole, C.J. Sidey, Amelia Bloomer, A.T. Lane & and one new member (Sobriquet not yet assigned) Minutes by A.T. Lane

Length of ride: 40 km

Map of ride (first half)
Map of ride (2nd half)

  The members met at the Shaika Cafe, and instead of finishing their coffees they headed out to the Old Port in order to be sure of making it to the 9:30 departure of the ferry to Pointe-Aux-Trembles. It seems however that the test runs of that ferry have now ended as no boat appeared!!!

They headed out instead for a quick viewing of the Olympic Swimming pool and a picnic lunch in de Maisonneuve Park.


  1. Interesting historical note for Parc Maisonneuve is that it was once a garbage dump for the city: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/749281/anciens-depotoirs-montreal-terrains-environnement-la-facture


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