Comparing Bicycle culture and green spaces in Montreal and Boulder CO

    I recently took a trip to Boulder CO and noted some differences in the bicycle culture between it and Montreal.  First difference is that Boulder off course is a much smaller, less dense, and newer city than Montreal with an abundance of mountains close by.   Both cities however have a large student population and tourism is also an important part of both local economies.

   Cycling in Boulder, with it's surrounding mount trails is seen more as a sporting compliment to automobiles rather than as competition between cars and bikes for road space as it is in Montreal.  Both cities have a wide selection of bicycle paths, and a bike sharing system.   Montreal has more separated paths on city streets, Boulder has more painted line paths on streets.

  I had the impression there is less of a feeling of conflict between cyclists and motorists in Boulder than in Montreal.  Perhaps in Boulder many self-identify as being members of both groups. 

   Boulder has a surrounding green belt of both prairie and mountains rather than Montreal's sprawling suburbs.

Photo of Boulder Green Belt Map
Flatirons within Green Belt are ubiquitous symbols of the city of Boulder

The reason that city has such an abundance of green space devoted to public parks is because in 1967 Boulderites voted the first locally-funded greenbelt in the US into existence.  No similar measures have been adopted in Montreal which could take advantage of it's natural island Archipelago formed by the junction of multiple large rivers.

  The only attempt for a green belt in Montreal that I am aware of is the plan to join the green spaces of the Lachine Rapids, Angrignon, Lachine Canal, Dalle Park, la Falaise, and Meadowbrook golf course together.

 A..T. Lane


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